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Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Hanson's Auto Repair:

This is the only place I trust for auto repair in CU. I used to shop around for repairs but other businesses would give me ridiculous estimates that I'm pretty sure was because I was a woman. Hanson's is Ryder only place I have been consistently pleased with. They are honest, quick, and give you realistic timelines for repairs.

Aisha C.

Family-owned & operated, this is the best auto repair business in C-U! I couldn't have been more pleased. Their prices are fair & their service is both timely & thorough. Brett did a great job. I refer all of my friends & family to Hanson's.

Ashley H.

These guys know their stuff about cars and are old own nice, they even fixed a couple little things here and there that have been needing a little TLC on the house when I got a major fix done! Might be because I've been going there since my teen years. I've been to other places but none I respect more than Hanson's!

Jarod S.

I myself have gone in and gotten my brakes changed, and was impressed by their service, honesty, and willingness to work with me. What impressed me more was twice now my girlfriend has gone in with small issues that needed to be either checked or taken care of (just checking fluids and checking out a strange noise coming from around her brakes). Both times they quickly assessed the problem and dealt with it, without any kind of diagnostic or service charge. I would recommend them for any issue with your car big or small. I would trust them to be honest and fair with you regardless of your car knowledge.

Matthew B.

They did amazing work on 2 of my vehicles now, and they really worked with me on the price because of a mistake I made. Really, these are honest, hardworking guys that know how to treat people. I can't thank them enough.

Skyler P.

The people at Hanson's are very friendly and willing to fully explain any and all problems with your car. When most other places wouldn't bother to help troubleshoot the car over the phone, they were more than willing to help see if it was serious or not. They also understand that no one wants to spend a whopping amount of money on a car repair, and they are glad to give you other less expensive options and explain the pro's and con's of each if they are available. Other repair shops didn't even mention other options or denied that other options even existed! Definitely recommend for any repairs, oil changes, etc. It's not often when you can say you trust your mechanic, but Hanson's is absolutely trustworthy.

Ryan B.

I've been here several times. I had a car with 18' rims and had a hard time finding somewhere that could do alignments and mount/balance tires due to the size. The price was reasonable and the guys were nice and helpful :) I would definitely recommend this shop! Thanks !

Candace B.

I dropped my car off this morning, planning on getting the transmission flushed, and possibly the coolant (recommended by my car's manufacturer @ 60K). But after they did the inspection of the car, they said its not necessary, both fluids look fine. They could have easily said "yes, lets flush them both!" And gotten paid to do an unnecessary repair. Instead they were honest, and said that they weren't needed at this time. They're out to keep their customers happy, not just increase their bottom line. Great local business!

Devin F.

These guys were very prompt, polite and professional, with absolutely amazing prices. They replaced and installed a windshield wiper part for just $10- I couldn't have purchased the part and installed it myself for that! (Plus, they didn't trash the inside of my car with grease or gunk from their shoes, clothes or hands.) I want to emphasize once again that these guys were so polite and professional!! They weren't fancy or flowery, but they were plain old friendly and patient. Keep up the good work guys!

Emi T.

Great family owned business. Have been coming here for years! They do not try to sell you something you don't need. They do the work extremely fast, and are always willing to fit me in.I would never go anywhere else. Hanson's is the only mechanic I trust.

Melody H.

Always a great help to us!

AnnMarie T.

They were able to get my alternator replaced within less than 24 hours of me getting it towed there!

William L.

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